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Assassin’s Creed III Connor Kenway



9.5 Inch Action Figure



Ο Connor Kenway ζωνταεύει στα ράφια μας χάρη στην Square Enix και την εκπληκτική φιγούρα της σειράς Play Arts Kai που έφτιαξε. Ο ήρωας του τρίτου παιχνιδιού Assassin’s Creed φτάνει σχεδόν τις 11 ίντσες και στην συσκευασία εκτός από βάση υπάρχουν μια πλειάδα όπλων που μπορεί να κρατάει η φιγούρα.

This figure fully captures the presence of Native American hero Connor Kenway, taking great care over fine details such as the colour and texture of his skin, the way his clothing falls and the weathering effects on it. The figure is fully articulated, including the tails of his jacket, allowing for amazing posing possibilities.

The set also includes many exciting accessories, including some of the many and varied weapons that Connor uses in the game, such as the famous assassin’s blades as well as a tomahawk, bow and arrows and pistols.

Each piece has been created to embody the historical feel of the Assassins Creed series and you can almost smell the atmosphere of the 18th century emanating from them.

Figure includes display stand.

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