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Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy



13 Inch Deluxe Action Figure



Solomon Grundy was born on a Monday, but this insanely detailed, oversized action figure based on his appearance in the best-selling, critically acclaimed video game BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY is perfect for display any day of the week!

Figure measures over 13″ tall! Features removable heart and chest.

Murder victim Cyrus Gold is utilized by Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Shadows in an attempt to harness the power of immortality. Gold is destroyed and resurrected repetitively until his humanity is effectively erased. Eventually learning to subsist on his agony, Gold is transformed into Solomon Grundy, a swamp-based zombie capable of surviving his own death indefinitely. The Penguin recruit’s the monstrous Solomon Grundy to serve as his enforcer and the guardian of his immense criminal empire. In Arkham City Batman’s battle against the Penguin is interrupted by a plunge into a pit where Grundy is reanimated and unleashed against Batman.

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