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Batman Eternal Vol.1 (TP)



Writers: Scott Snyder Artist: Jason Faboc



Writers: Scott Snyder & Various
Artist: Jason Faboc & Various
ISBN: 9781401251734
Pages: 448

Collects Batman Eternal (2014) #1-20. Written by Scott Snyder. Art and cover by Jason Fabok. In the wake of FOREVER EVIL, the world looks at heroes in a different light, creating tension between Batman and his allies and the Gotham City Police Department. When a gang war breaks out and new villains arise, it’s up to the Dark Knight, Batgirl, and others to turn the tide as best as they can – but will the GCPD be a help or a hindrance? Plus, a fan-favorite character makes her long-awaited DC Comics – The New 52 debut: Stephanie Brown!

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