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Fused: Think Like A Machine #1-4


Σε απόθεμα

Writer Steve Niles Artist Josh Medors


Σε απόθεμα

Writer Steve Niles
Artist Josh Medors

Το πακέτο περιέχει τα τεύχη #1-4.

Mark Haggerty was a promising young robotics engineer with a smart, sexy wife and a bright future just within his grasp—until his body became fused with an experimental robot suit during a routine testing session. Trapped inside a powerful, high-tech body that’s as mysterious as it is cool, and suddenly the unwilling pawn in a deadly struggle between obsessive egos and misguided military forces who wish to recruit him for their own uses, Mark’s life is forever changed. And the outlook for life returning to anything close to “normal”…well, it’s not looking too good. With his human body consumed more each day by the Cy-bot suit, his once-loving marriage is suffering the consequences of his transformation, and the most dangerous elements in the world closing in around him, Mark’s just doing what he can to get through each day. The sudden appearance of a bizarre super-villain at the military base he’s called home spins Mark’s world even more violently out of control. And soon he realizes one thing—his only recourse is to keep fighting whatever gets in his way, until he gets his life back.

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ, κάποια τεύχη ενδέχεται να είναι ελάχιστα μεταχειρισμένα.

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