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Iron Man: Iron Monger (HC)



Writer: Denny O’Neil Artists: Various



Writer: Denny O’Neil
Artists: Luke McDonnell, Rich Buckler, Sal Buscema, Heb Trimple & Mark Bright.
ISBN: 9780785142607
Pages: 208

He’s lost his armor and his fortune, but not his nerve! Tony Stark’s back on his feet after everything Obadiah Stane has thrown at him, but now the bilious billionaire is taking away Stark’s friends…one of them forever! The enmity spanning more than thirty issues ends in a steel-plated slugfest from which only one can walk away! Plus: vision quests and extradimensional intrigue! Madame Masque and Thundersword! And the debut of the Scourge of the Underworld! Guest-starring the West Coast Avengers! Collecting IRON MAN (1968) #193-200.

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