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The Extinction Parade Vol.1 (TP)



Writer: Max Brooks Artist: Raulo Caceres



Writer: Max Brooks
Artist: Raulo Caceres
ISBN: 9781592912346
Pages: 160

Max Brooks, the best selling Zombie writer in history, unleashes an all-new horror epic! As humans wage their losing fight versus the hoards of the subdead, a frightening realization sets in with the secretive vampire race: our food is dying off. This is the story of the vampire’s descent into all-out war with the mindless, hungry hordes of the zombie outbreak as humanity tries to survive them all! This collected edition contains the entire first chapter of Extinction Parade (ssues #1-5) and a massive undead cover gallery! Max Brooks’ best-selling novel, World War Z, has been adapted into one of 2013’s biggest blockbuster movie releases, bringing increased media attention to this acclaimed author.

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