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Tyrion Lannister


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Collectible Statue


Σε απόθεμα

Ο Tyrion Lannister είναι το δεύτερο αγαλματίδιο που έφτιαξε η Dark Horse βασισμένο στην τηλεοπτική σειρά Game of Thrones. Το άγαλμα φτάνει τις 10ίντσες σε ύψος και κυκλοφορεί στον περιορισμένο αριθμό των 3000 κομματιών. Συνοδεύεται από πιστοποιητικό γνησιότητας.
When Dark Horse began developing a line of collectible sculptural pieces based on HBO’s Game of Thrones, we discovered that we had the full attention of all involved in the production. In looking for the best subject matter from the then-unseen season 2, we asked producer/writers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, “What is the most ‘statue-worthy’ moment in season 2?”
The answer was the moment when Tyrion, as portrayed by Peter Dinklage, charges into battle, leading the defense of King’s Landing against an assault by King Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of the Blackwater. They further assisted with special photographic reference taken during filming, expressly as sculpture reference for this piece, which we proudly offer this statue which is limited to 3,000 numbered pieces. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.
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