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12th Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver



Prop Replica



 This collector’s item is an exact replica of the Gallifreyan multipurpose tool used by The 12th Doctor himself. He’s had many sonic screwdrivers throughout his life and they’ve all been a little different. This particular model almost the same as the 11th Doctor’s sonic, with one big approval. The rear button of the 11th’s toy has been removed. But that’s ok, because you don’t need it anymore. The same button now operates the lights and sounds no matter if the sonic is open or closed! And, there are two hidden lights/sounds patterns, but we’re not going to tell you how to find them. Spoilers!

Product Specifications

    For Ages 5 and Up
    It’s the Sonic Screwdriver of the 12th Doctor!
    Great collector’s item or costume prop
    Makes two different sound effects with green, light-up tip
    Spring-loaded extending action
    Light/sounds button works the same in closed or extended positions
    Two secret lights/sounds patterns
    Officially-licensed Doctor Who toy
    Batteries: 3 x L1154 batteries (included)
    Dimensions: 9″ long (closed); 10″ long (open)

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