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Mafiosa TP


Σε απόθεμα

Writer: Sunshine Barbito Artist: Alessia Alfano, Debora Carita


Σε απόθεμα

At the height of the roaring twenties, the daughter of a mafia boss is determined to rise to prominence in her family’s business. Nicoletta has aspirations to join her brothers in the family business – an organized crime syndicate running the streets of Brooklyn. Though her father objects and a crisis ensues, Nicoletta takes it upon herself to prove she has what it takes, moving steadfastly into a world of brutality. New York has a new player in town, and they ain’t seen nothing yet! Combining the romanticism of the roaring twenties and Nicoletta’s journey into the brazen violence of mafia-dominated New York, Mafiosa sets the status quo ablaze – with style, class, and a smoking barrel.

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