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Zombie Cabinet



Collectible Replica



Χειροποιητό κουτί επείγουσας ανάγκης για την εξόντωση ζόμπι. Όλα τα αντικείμενα μέσα στο cabinet είναι φτιαγμένα από ρητίνη και βαμμένα στο χέρι. Το Zombi Cabinet κυκλοφορέί στον περιορισμένο αριθμό των1500  κομματιών και συνοδεύτεται από πιστοποιητικό γνησιότητας.
Ο φωτισμός LED είναι προαιρετικός και αγοράζεται ξεχωριστά με έξτρα επιβάρυνση των 29€.
The zombie outbreak emergency cabinet includes * :
1.    12 gauge short barrel shotgun
2.    Hunting knife with belt sheath
3.    Hand grenade
4.    Zombie outbreak field handbook
5.    10 shot gun shells box
6.    4 shot gun shells on leather belt holder
7.    Emergency hammer

* All included objects are non operational, non functional and for display purposes only. (See tab “Important Info”) 

Content Description
The zombie outbreak emergency cabinet is one of the best, if not the best, way to effectively protect you and your loved ones against a zombie attack. The stopping power and the disbursement of the 12 gauge short barrel shotgun is ideal for close quarters combat and taking down multiple targets at once. The hand grenade will provide an excellent way out when trapped or surrounded by large numbers of hostiles (zombies). (Use caution in handling.). When out of immediate danger, take time to read the zombie outbreak field handbook, probably the most important item in the zombie outbreak emergency cabinet.      
Product Description
Zombie emergency cabinet
•    Dimensions: H: 47cm / 18.50in , W: 47cm / 18.50in, D: 11cm / 4.33in
•    Approx. Weight:  4.7kg / 10.4lb
•    Case: sheet metal 
•    Included objects materials: plastic, paper, metal and fabric.

o    Most objects are hand made(**)
o    All painted objects are hand painted
o    Most objects are designed by “in case of” (***)
o    Most objects are unique(**)
      except shotgun shells 
***    except shotgun shells, hand grenade 

Package includes
•    Zombie emergency cabinet
•    Instructions and information manual
•    Wall-drywall mounting materials (screws, washers, etc)
•    Complimentary “in case of” sticker
Each emergency cabinet is completely sealed and cannot be opened unless heavy force is used which will excessively damage the cabinet and the ornaments (objects) there in. All ornaments (objects) within the cabinet are permanently affixed to the back of the cabinet with mechanical and chemical means. All ornaments (objects) are non operational and they do not have any movable or operational parts and cannot be (objects or parts thereof) engineered into operation. The shotgun replica is permanently attached to the back of the emergency cabinet. The shotgun replica is made of solid plastic and has no moving parts or operational parts. There is no possible way to be made operational or even to imitate the functions (loading, unloading, dry fire, etc) of an actual shotgun. The shotgun replica has an orange barrel plug as required by law. The knife is made of plastic with approximately an inch and a half of blade (also plastic). The hand grenade is made of solid plastic with a keychain ring affix to it. It has no moving or operational parts and it cannot be made operational. The shotgun shell box is an empty cardboard box. The 4 shotgun shells are completely inert. There is no projectile, there is no powder and the there is no primer. For extra precaution the side of the casing that is not visible is severed (cut) along the length.
The “in case of Zombies” product is for display purposes only. In no event will In case of ™ be liable for any use or misuse of the product beyond its intended purpose. In no event will In case of ™ be liable if the product is modified or tampered with in any way from its original state
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